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Faculty Publications in the IRC Library Collection

  • Sisters in the Struggle: African American Women in the Civil Rights-Black Power Movement (2001).
    Edited by Bettye Collier-Thomas & V.P. Franklin (ISBN: 0814716024)
    “Sisters in the Struggle is a powerful, inspirational and insightful book that takes the reader on a journey into the lives of some of the nation’s most gifted and courageous African American women leaders, feminist organizers, and Black Power advocates.”
  • Strangers in the Land: Pedagogy, Modernity, and Jewish Identity (1999).
    Edited by H. Svi Shapiro (ISBN: 0820436895)
    “This work looks to the Jewish Identity within the realm of the U.S. educational system. This book also serves as a great tool in understanding critical pedagogy and various aspects of education.”
  • The Quilt: Cultural Voices (2007).
    Edited by Andrea R. Patterson, Regina Silverthorne, Myra M. Shird (ISBN:0757547125)
    “A series of works that incorporates cultural voices to strengthen one’s understanding of the diverse world in which we live.”
  • Memories of Carolinian Immigrants: Autobiographies, Diaries, and Letters from Colonial Times to the Present (2009).
    Edited by Andreas Lixl (ISBN: 0761844139)
    “A collaboration of works that include the comprehensive retrieval, preservation, digitization, and dissemination of documentary materials that illuminate North and South Carolina’s immigrant legacy.”
  • A Movement without Marches: African American Women and the Politics of Poverty in Postwar Philadelphia (2009).
    By Lisa Levenstein (ISBN: 0807859427)
    “Levenstein explores how African American working-class women worked to make Philadelphia’s public institutions work for rather than against their needs, interests and rights” – Alice O’ Connor
  • Black Religion: Malcolm X, Julius Lester, and Jan Willis (2008).
    By William David Hart (ISBN:0230605370)
    “Black Religion explores the complexity of the black spiritual imagination using the autobiographies of three prominent religious leaders.”
  • Casing a Promised Land: The Autobiography of an Organizational Detective as Cultural Ethnographer (1994).
    By H.L. Goodall, Jr. (ISBN: 080931942X)
    “Goodall believes that “misfits”–employees who don’t mesh with a corporation’s work environment. This book explores why these types of individuals may serve as useful scapegoats within the company.”
  • Color-Blind Justice: Albion Tourgée and the Quest for Racial Equality from the Civil War to Plessy v. Ferguson (2006).
    By Mark Elliott (ISBN: 0195181395)
    “A seminal but nearly forgotten figure in the American Civil Rights movement receives his due in this richly detailed biography…. Elliott goes a long way toward restoring Albion Tourgée’s name to a prominent place on the list of American civil rights heroes.” –Publishers Weekly
  • Losing Heart: The Moral and Spiritual Miseducation of America’s Children (2006).
    By Svi Shapiro (ISBN: 0805857222)
    In this book Svi Shapiro speaks to a wide range of readers and explores the ideological and attitudinal functions of schools, looking especially at what is called the ‘hidden curriculum.’
  • Education and Hope in Troubled Times: Visions of Change for Our Children’s World (2009).
    Edited by H. Svi Shapiro (ISBN: 9780415994262)
    “Education and Hope in Troubled Times brings together a group of the best and most creative educational thinkers to reflect on the purpose and future of public education.”
  • Hover Crips: Cripin’ Becomes a Way of Life (2008).
    By Steven R. Cureton (ISBN: 0761838880)
    “Hoover Crips is the product of field interviews with Crip gang members in South Central Los Angeles, California. The book reveals the Hoover street gang is a community institution that significantly impacts the lifestyle choices of Black male residents.”
  • A Fatherless Child: Autobiographical Perspectives on African American Men (2009).
    By Tara T. Green (ISBN: 0826218210)
    “Colorless Soul is about a black family growing up in the liberated North. Through its simplicity one is rapidly transported through the years, the author shares her experiences as a black youth.”
  • Nineteenth-Century Black Women’s Literary Emergence: Evolutionary Spirituality, Sexuality, and Identity: An Anthology (2008).
    Edited by SallyAnn H. Ferguson (ISBN: 1433101580)
    This book looks to the emerging literary skills of Nineteenth-Century Black women through spirituality, sexuality, and overall identity.
  • The Student-Athlete’s College Recruitment Guide (2009).
    By Ashley B. Benjamin, Michael Cauthen, and Patrick Donnelly. (ISBN: 0816076634)
    “The Student-Athlete’s College Recruitment Guide” explores this behind-the-scenes information, giving students and their families an insightful look at the world of college athletics.
  • From the Plantation to the Prison: African-American Confinement Literature (2008).
    Edited by Tara T. Green. (ISBN: 0881460907)
    “This book is an examination of the various forms that African-American imprisonment, as a social, historical, and political experience, has taken.”
  • Integration Matters: Navigating Identity, Culture, and Resistance (2008).
    By C.P. Gause (ISBN: 1433102021)
    “This book beyond providing educators, parents, and students with a critique of present day educational experiences for those who are the other in America, particularly the black male conceptually integrates queer legal theory, the tenets of critical spirituality, and notions of collaborative activism to construct a blueprint for realizing academic achievement and academic success for all students.”
  • 201+ Strategies for Successfully Transforming Today’s Schools: A Resource Guide for Educational Leaders, School Administrators, Teachers, Parents, and Students (2009).
    By C.P. Gause (ISBN: 9781609100735)
    “This book is a collection of thoughts, ideas, strategies, and experiences in creating engaging, inviting and affirming learning communities for the 21st century. Strategies of successful educational leaders and instructional “best practices” for teachers across all disciplines are provided.”

Magazines and Journals

There are many magazines and journals with a cultural focus that may be of assistance to your research needs.  Journal Finder is a research tool available to the UNCG community.

The MRC has physical copies of many of the magazines listed below, however they do not circulate.

  • Advocate/Out
  • In Motion
  • Insight into Diversity
  • Language
  • Latina
  • Native Peoples
  • New Mobility
  • Parabola
  • The Change Agent
  • Tribal College Journal