2018 Tunnel of Oppression

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The Tunnel of Oppression (TOP) is an interactive event highlighting contemporary issues of oppression. Participants experience various scenes that focus on a particular social justice issue related to concepts such as power, privilege, and oppression.

To volunteer or register to attend, visit intercultural.uncg.edu/tunnel


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#BlackFountain is a variety show paying tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement and African-American history by acknowledging contributions within the culture, showcasing talents on-campus and within the community. #BlackFountain honors those who have fought and lost their lives in pursuit of freedom, justice, and equity. Various organizations and performers collaborate to focus on positivity despite all that has occurred. #BlackFountain includes musical and dramatic performances, spoken word, fine art, fashion and more!

Interested in performing? Please come out to Black Fountain auditions on November 18th in EUC Dogwood at 6:00pm.

For more information, please visit: https://www.charismacier.com/blackfountaincasting/

Black Minds Matter

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December Lavender Graduation

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If you or a student you know is graduating this semester, and would like to be recognized at Lavender Graduation, send their name to kerawson@uncg.edu by November 13. 

Office Of Intercultural Engagement is for Everyone!!

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