Intercultural Leadership Council

Membership in the Intercultural Leadership Council is open to any UNCG-affiliated student organization whose mission is in line with that of the Office of Intercultural Engagement  — to promote, foster and encourage respect and meaningful intercultural and cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of similarities and differences. For information on how your student organization can get involved in the Council, email Ayana Cholula

Registration is open on a rolling basis.

To officially register your organization for the council, click here.

Current Members of the ILC:

If you are interested in having your student organization supported by the Office of Intercultural Engagement, please contact Ayana Cholula

Special Funding Opportunities

To encourage student groups to offer programs that further advance the mission statement set forth by the Office of Intercultural Engagement, we have set aside funds that can be applied to help offset the costs of qualifying events. To apply for funds, submit the Intercultural Leadership Council Financial Request Form with the required supporting documents during the “open funding period” — see details below. The Intercultural Leadership Council will review the requests and notify your organization of the funding decisions according to the schedule below.

FALL 2023 FUNDING PERIOD OPENS: August 15th, 2023

FALL 2022 FUNDING PERIOD CLOSES: November 17th, 2023

SPRING 2024 FUNDING PERIOD OPENS: January 8th, 2024


All meetings will be held in the biweekly on Fridays in Office of Intercultural Engagement, room 062 in the EUC & via Zoom.

Guidelines for Funding Requests 

  • Your group must be a recognized UNCG organization in good standing with the Campus Activities and Programs Office.
  • Members who regularly attend ILC meetings will receive priority funding.
  • Your Event Contract with the Office of Campus Activities and Programs must be approved prior to submitting a request to the Intercultural Leadership Council for funding.
  • To be considered, your request must align with the mission of the Office of Intercultural Engagement. Explain in detail how this program will further OIE’s mission.
    • Each student organization is eligible for up to $100 per semester
    • Student organizations that collaborate with other ILC groups are eligible for up to $150 per semester.
  • Your event must be open to the UNCG community and held on UNCG property.
  • Funds are to be requested for expenses that can be paid directly by OIE through interdepartmental invoices to other University offices or departments, such as (but not limited to):
    • Campus Activities and Programs
    • University catering services (no alcoholic beverages) through Chartwells
    • Printing costs through Spartan Printing
    • Set-up costs and technical services provided by UNCG entities such as EUC
  • OIE reserves the right to approve any amount up to the requested amount.
  • If funds are approved, all promotional materials for the event must feature the ILC logo.