Training, Skill Development & Special Topic Presentations

Director, Gus Peña offers a broad range of presentations to support an inclusive campus environment that is actively engaged in the social justice process in addition to being committed to its goals (see Adams, Bell and Griffin, 2007). He is available to facilitate training and skill development programs and has supported the efforts of various UNCG partners in maintaining a commitment to nurturing a student body that is accepting, knowledgeable and skilled in diversity issues. Past campus partners include Housing and Residence Life, the Dean of Students Office, New Student & Spartan Family Programs, the International Programs Center and various academic course instructors.

In addition, he offers a wide array of special topic presentations aimed at enhancing the appreciation of generating discussion on the complexity of social justice, intercultural communication and leadership issues. For more information contact Gus Peña(

Sample Recent Training and Skill Development Presentations

  • Interculturally Competent Leadership in the 21st Century: An Experiential Introduction
  • Difficult Conversations: Exploring Bias and Communication Skills for Summer Orientation
  • Intergroup Conflict on Campus: The Role of Bias and Communication Skills for Student Conduct
  • Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • Difficult Conversations: Exploring Knowledge for Effective Intercultural Communication

Sample Recent Special Topic Presentations

  • K.O.S. Determination: Knowledge of Self as the Foundation for ‘Embracing Diversity’.
  • ‘You Never Thought that Hip Hop Would Make It This Far’: The Globalization of Hip Hop Culture and Politics
  • Beyond Diversity: Why Every Student Organization is a Social Justice Organization
  • Intercultural Competence Development: Linking Communication and Social Justice in Service Learning Contexts
  • Global Citizenship
  • Can’t We All Just Get Along?: A Conversation on Intergroup Relations
  • Immigration, Globalization and the New Colonialism
  • Overcoming Ethnocentrism and Hierarchies of Power: Linking Intercultural Communication and Social Justice
  • Identity, Masculinity and the Politics of Hip Hop
  • Ask an Asian: Introduction to Asian American History and Cultural Dynamics in the U.S.
  • Colorblind Racism: The New Face of an Old Enemy
  • Leadership in the Long Term: Meditation, Qigong, and Other Alternative Strategies for Health and Wellness