UNCG Single Occupancy Restrooms Listing

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is committed to being an inclusive community that embraces and supports the diverse needs of our faculty, staff, students and visitors. As part of our ongoing evaluation of restroom spaces ‐ and with a core belief that everyone in our community should have ready access to them ‐ we have been working on identifying and designating certain restrooms as single occupancy. These particular restroom spaces are open to all genders and well‐ suited for individuals needing additional privacy. People of all gender identities and expressions, abilities and medical needs are welcomed to use these spaces. These spaces are available for use immediately. Clear signage will be in place shortly. Thank you for helping the University to maintain these facilities as safe and inclusive spaces for our campus community.

Locations will be reviewed and adjustments made on a yearly basis to ensure the list is up to date. The University is committed to adding single occupancy restroom spaces in all new construction and major renovations of our existing facilities.

Effective immediately, the restrooms listed below are designated single occupancy:

Shaw 112A, 112B, 142A, 142B (When classrooms are open)

North Spencer 131

Mendenhall 003

Jefferson Suites 125, 127 (When classrooms are open)

Gove Health Center 002, 003, 229

Petty Science 008, 009, 014

UNCG Auditorium 104, 117 (Available during events)

Faculty Center 101

Foust 100E

Elliot University Center 126A/126B

Spartan Village Highland 126d/126E (Lobby)

Spartan Village Highland Fitness Center 009B/009C

Spartan Village Union 114, 116

Spartan Village Lee 010B, 010C (adjacent to classroom)

Spartan Village Haywood 110A, 110B (multiple lockable stalls)

Reynolds Residence Hall 271A (residents only; full bath w/ shower/lockable)

Grogan Residence Hall Haywood 205A (residents only; full bath w/ shower/lockable), 126 and 127 (unlocked at all times) 

Kaplan Center for Wellness  124A, 124B, 124C, 238, 321, 325

Ferguson 245D

Coleman Building 213, 214, 313, 314, 413, 414 (Rosenthal  Wing)

Coleman Building 427, 431 (North Wing near Dean’s Office)