Spartans-in-Dialogue Facilitators


Are you a Faculty member, Staff person or Graduate student interested in supporting Spartans In-Dialogue?

If so, you can support in several ways:

  1. Serve as a Facilitator
  2. Assist with Promoting to Students


Serve as a Facilitator

Spartans-In-Dialogue is a 5-week interactive dialogue experience designed to build relationships across difference and explore topics related to racial identity, race relations, and intersectionality. Facilitators guide participants through the dialogue process to build relationships and engage more effectively across difference. Facilitators support groups through potential intergroup conflict, model dialogue techniques, and assist participants in engaging in dialogues that transform relationships around topics such as race, race relations, and other intersectional topics. Learn more about Spartans-In-Dialogue (SID) HERE!

Faculty, staff, or graduate students interested in serving as a facilitator for the Spartans-In-Dialogue program must participate in a 3-day training offered by the Office of Intercultural Engagement. Fall 2020 Training dates are:

  •  Will be announced later in the Spring semester

This training will serve as great professional development for faculty staff and graduate assistants!

  • Facilitator Expectations
    • Have some prior experience and/or training with group facilitation and moderating difficult conversations
    • Ability to attend a REQUIRED 3-day training offered by the Office of Intercultural Engagement.
    • Attend at least two subsequent development offerings for Spartans-In-Dialogue Facilitators during the academic year.
    • Commit to facilitating a 5-week consecutive dialogue experience (2 hours per session) during the Fall AND Spring Semesters.

COMPLETE THE FACILITATOR INTEREST FORM by Friday, July 12 to sign-up to be a facilitator for the Spartans-In-Dialogue program during the 2020-2021 academic year. If applicable, please have your supervisor COMPLETE THE SUPERVISOR APPROVAL FORM.

Assist with Promoting to Students

If you cannot serve as a facilitator, we also welcome your support with promoting this experience to students in our classes, or student leaders you work with during the academic year. Spartans-in-Dialogue recruitment takes place at the beginning of every semester. We welcome your support with promoting to students. Please contact Gus Peña (, 336-334-5090) if you would like promotional materials to share with students during the year.