Tunnel of Oppression

Tunnel of Oppression

SAVE THE DATE: March 25, 2019

The Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive event highlighting contemporary issues of oppression in our society. The event aims to raise awareness about systems of oppression and how to address them as UNCG community members.

The Tunnel of Oppression (TOP) takes place on a number of college campuses each year and originated as a diversity program in 1993 at Western Illinois University and has since expanded nationwide, introducing students to concepts such as power, privilege, and oppression. Tunnel of Oppression participants will walk through various scenes that focus on a particular social justice issue with an assigned tour guide. While the situations encountered may make some uncomfortable, the Tunnel is designed to engage emotions and make participants think critically about what is experienced in the room. The scenes that take place in the Tunnel are not meant to be representative of all people who have experienced oppression. Instead, they are intended to portray one example of how oppression may be experienced.

2019 Theme: 1960’s- Addressing Oppression Then and Now

This academic year, the Tunnel of Oppression will explore topics and systems of oppression that surrounded the 1960’s, their impact, and how these issues relate to modern day society.

2019 Tunnel Scene Proposal

We are currently seeking students/student organizations to submit scene ideas for the 2019 Tunnel on one of the following themes:

  • Immigration
  • Race Relations
  • Economic Justice
  • Women, Gender and Sexuality (LGBTQIA)

Please submit your proposal HERE by Friday, February 15. 2019!

Scenes can be scripted acting scenes or interactive exhibits that last about 2-3 minutes. Example of scenes ideas: The Civil Rights Movement: then and now, Women’s Rights/Sexism/Equal Pay Act, Stonewall Riots/ Early LGBT Movement, War on Drugs/Establishments of Ghettos/Redlining, Racism/Jim Crow/New Jim Crow-13th amendment, Police Brutality, Criminal Justice System then and now, Mass incarceration, etc.

Register for the Tunnel- Opens February 2019

Register in advance for a tour HERE. Tours begin every 15 minutes in EUC Maple room and each tour will last about 20 minutes followed by a facilitated debrief.

In Person
Participants are welcome to sign-up for a tour day-of.  Stop by the EUC Maple Room where all participants will check in for a tour.

Volunteer with Tunnel

If you are a student, student organization representative,  faculty, or staff looking to volunteer or assist with Tunnel of Oppression in any way, please complete the following VOLUNTEER INFORMATION FORM.

Tunnel of Oppression FAQ

What topics will be featured at UNCG’s Tunnel?

Tunnel of Oppression topics generally raise awareness about specific areas of oppression across identities and communities (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender/gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, age, etc.) and explores opportunity for social change. This academic year, the Tunnel of Oppression will explore topics and systems of oppression that surrounded the 1960’s, their impact, and how these issues relate to modern day society. Students and Student organizations are encouraged to submit scene proposals HERE by Friday, February 15. 2019.

How can I or my student organization get involved?

Your student organization can assist by:

  1. Submitting a scene proposal HERE by Friday, February 15. 2019
  2. Signing up to be a day-of volunteer or actor (Volunteer sign-up opens Spring 2019)

Does the Tunnel of Oppression cost money?

The Tunnel of Oppression is free and open to the public, just bring your SpartanCard. In order to ensure admission, please register in advance.

If you have additional questions or need disability accommodations for Tunnel of Oppression, contact Carla Fullwood (carla.fullwood@uncg.edu or 336-334-5090) or Matthew McKay (msmckay@uncg.edu)