Black History Month 2016

February 1st – March 31st

We the People: A History of Social Movements, 1950-2016
This exhibit demonstrates the many courageous acts of people across the nation through organized protest and a commitment to their respective causes. The exhibit will be on display throughout February and March in UNCG’s Office of Intercultural Engagement (EUC 062).

Tuesday, February 16th

UNCG’s Dr. Brian McGowan will lead a discussion on his new book, “Black Men in the Academy: Narratives of Resiliency, Achievement and Success” from 3 to 4 p.m. in EUC 062. McGowan, who co-edited the book, will share stories of successful Black men in academia, including Ph.D. students, professors and mid- to senior-level administrators. Co-hosted by the Office of Intercultural Engagement and Neo-Black Society’s Growing Young Men.


Monday, February 22nd

A Woman’s Body
UNCG’s NAACP chapter will host an educational forum about how Black female bodies are viewed. The event will take place from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Alexander Room in the EUC.

Tuesday, February 23rd

Protect Your Fro
UNCG’s NAACP chapter will host a natural hair discussion and hair care product swap, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Alexander Room in the EUC. A stylist from the community will share healthy hair routines and demonstrate how to braid, cornrow and twist.

Wednesday, February 24th

Black History Quiz Bowl
The Neo-Black Society will facilitate a Black History Quiz Bowl competition between six student groups for a grand prize of $50. Student groups will be asked questions about Black artists, inventors, musicians and other prominent African American people and events.

Power of Hip Hop Part 2
At “Power of Hip Hop Part 2,” participants will explore the different meanings behind hip-hop song lyrics. The event, hosted by UNCG’s NAACP chapter, is from 5 to 7 p.m. at the School of Education Building. The room number will be announced at a later date.

Thursday, February 25th

3rd Annual Harlem Renaissance: Cotton Club Edition
The Neo-Black Society will spend a night on the arts of the Harlem Renaissance. We will take it back to the 1920s through song, dances, poetry and music from this era.
(Location: in Cone Ballroom)

Can You Go a Day Without This?
Sponsored by the NAACP and the Office of Intercultural Engagement. Can you go a day Without this(Thursday 2/25) Co-Sponsored by the Office of Intercultural Engagement a: The folding chair, traffic signal, and the ironing board, are just a few things created by Black inventors. NAACP will post flyers around campus noting Black inventors and their inventions. We want everyone to think how difficult our lives would be without these inventions.

Queer People of Color Discussion
UNCG’s Queer Student Union will host a discussion on queer people of color at 7:30 p.m. in EUC 062

Friday, February 26th

Sistas vs. Brothas
NAACP will host a moderated debate on issues that directly affect Black women and men.

NBS and Writer’s INK Presents: The Self Love Open Mic Night
A night of spoken word which will focus on empowerment and loving oneself through mind, body, and spirit. This event will take place in the Kirkland Room of the EUC. (Location: Kirkland room, EUC)


For additional Black History Month events and programs, follow:

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