Programs & Activities

Here is a listing of the Office of Intercultural Engagement’ major programs and activities:

    • Black History Programming
      A comprehensive listing of upcoming Black History programming. This list includes events from student organizations, departments, and offices. Please check frequently for updates
    • Civil Rights Pilgrimage
      UNC-Greensboro students have the opportunity to spend their fall break on a civil/human rights pilgrimage to historic places in the U.S. We will visit sites that are important to U.S. History, and tell the stores of marginalized peoples.
    • CommUNITY Dialogue Series
      A campus-wide monthly dialogue series for UNCG students to build relationships across difference while discussing hot topics related to diversity, inclusion, and other current events.
    • Heritage Celebrations
      Throughout the year, OIE highlights and celebrates various heritages, including, but not limited to: American Indian, Asian Pacific Islander American and Hispanic.
    • House of Privilege
      House of Privilege is an experiential tour where participants explore different types of privilege and discover resources to help dismantle systems of privilege in our community. The House takes a museum approach to displaying inequity, highlighting the construct of privilege and providing Windows of Opportunity; the resources that can be used to start disassembling privilege in multiple forms.
    • MLK Commemoration
      UNC Greensboro and Student Affairs have a long history of commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. with a major event featuring a renowned speaker. Learn about the upcoming event in January and view the list of previous speakers
    • Spartans-In-Dialogue
      Spartans-In-Dialogue is a series of ongoing, structured small group discussions with students of different identities engaging in intergroup communication about topics related to social identity and intersectionality.
    • Tunnel of Oppression
      The Tunnel of Oppression (TOP) is an interactive event that takes place on a number of college campuses each year in order to highlight contemporary issues of oppression.
    • Princeville Exhibit is a photo exhibit of Princeville, the oldest town incorporated by African Americans in the United States.  Visitors to the photo exhibit will learn about this historic town and its residents. A reception, including members of the Princeville community, will be held during the month of February.
    • Land Acknowledgement Plaque Dedication  The Land Acknowledgement Plaque Dedication serves to recognize the Indigenous peoples who have inhabited these lands over time and their special connection to the territories.