Changing Your Name on Campus

How To Facilitate a Name Change On Campus

For those that have not or do not intend to complete a legal name change: 


For instructions on changing your name in email/iSpartan: click here!

You can also change the name that appears when you send email from your UNC Greensboro Account to reflect your chosen name. Use the instructions below, provided by Google Support.


  1. Preferred First Name Policy
    1. A student can declare a preferred first name by written request to the University Registrar’s Office.  This will update your name in our on-campus Learning Management Platform, known as Canvas, and UNCG’s Early Alert platform, known as Starfish. Most importantly faculty and academic advisors will see this name when they pull their rosters.
    2. You can access the ‘Preferred Name Request Form” online, here!

Spartan Card

  • Students can email Spartan Card Manager Brian Wilson ( to schedule an appointment.

For those having completed a legal name change, you must submit the following:

  • Name Change Request Form
  • Photo ID With the New Name AND SS Card OR Court Order With the New Name

The request form also states that you must appear IN PERSON.

  1. Registrar
    You need a request for name change form and proof of legal name change plus either new Social Security card showing new name or picture ID with new name – this change then happens immediately.
  2. Payroll
    They also have a name change form and need the same proofs that the Registrar needs – this change then happens immediately.
  3. 6-TECH
    Notify 6-TECH that you have changed your name with the above offices and request that your name be changed in Banner; this takes 5-7 days to complete.

Changing Your Name in North Carolina

Guilford Green Foundation & LGBTQ+ Center provides this Legal Name Change Guide.

For updated information on law and policy impacting name changes in North Carolina, visit the National Center for Transgender Equality website. Additional resources, including a packet of forms and documents, are available via the LGBT Center of Raleigh.