Drag Out the Vote

Join the OIE’s Ryan McKeel as they interview KayKay Lavelle about the upcoming election. KayKay is a local drag queen and activist who’s been working with Drag Out The Vote!

“Not many people realize, drag is rooted in politics.”

In their interview with OIE, “Drag Out The Vote” Ambassador KayKay LaVelle serves a wonderful history lesson on the politics of queer identities. She and Ryan also discuss hot ticket items; the importance of Planned Parenthood, Brandon Gray’s run for House, and why we should all rock the vote. If the current administration stays in power Planned Parenthood is on the slate for defunding, and with it goes access to hormones for many trans people. Brandon Gray is running in NC House District 62 and, if elected, would be our state’s first openly gay House member. As for the need to vote, I think KayKay says it best—“Vote for Breonna Taylor. Vote for George Floyd…Vote for all of us. You’re not just voting for yourself—you’re voting for our community.”
For more information on Drag Out The Vote, visit https://www.dragoutthevote2020.org