CommUNITY Dialogue Series

Share your thoughts. Hear from others. Build CommUNITY.

The CommUNITY Dialogue Series is a campus-wide monthly opportunity for UNCG students to build relationships across difference while discussing hot topics related to diversity and inclusion affecting our UNCG community.

Fall 2020 Schedule of September Dialogues

All dialogues will take place virtually through the Office of Intercultural Engagement via Zoom:

Addressing Hate within the LGBTQIA+ Community

Highlighting the discrimination and biases within the LGBTQIA+ Community and the harmful effects of them.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Insecurity

Addressing how COVID-19 makes the battle against hunger more difficult for affected communities. Also Highlighting food insecurity and those who are affected before and currently during the pandemic.

Exploring Student Leadership Access

Join KaleidoSCOPE for a conversation about the inequalities student leaders face. This is a space for student leaders to express their feedback on the  expectations and pay provided to student leaders across the University.


Discussing the experiences of students within and between institutions.

“Ask Me Why I’m Angry” Exploring the Roots Behind Angry Womxn Stereotypes

What exactly in our society continues to paint womxn as angry and what does it look like? A conversation about how pop culture creates false images of emotions in womxn.

Unpacking Professionalism 

Exploring the history and current power dynamics rooted in professionalism that directly affect identities such as race, gender, sexuality, ability, religion and language.

“I’m Not Done Talking” Addressing the Silencing of Women of Color

Highlighting the microaggressions of interrupting Women of Color and not giving them space to speak, which can silence an entire population.

Normalizing Queer PDA

This dialogue will explore the social dynamics surrounding public displays of affection and how sexuality & gender identity play a part in them. Often times the disproportionate acts of violence committed against couples within the LGBTQ+ community stem from people witnessing simple gestures of love and igniting hate.

Addressing How COVID-19 is Perpetuating Oppression

The Forgotten Stories of #MeToo

Discussing the different perspectives of the #MeToo movement.

Bringing Awareness to Trans Women of Color Deaths

Bringing attention to the violence that has been inflicted on trans women and how UNCG students can help.

Addressing Equitable Access

Discussing the importance of equitable resources related to accessibility.

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