Civil Rights Pilgrimage

UNC Greensboro students have the opportunity to embark on a civil rights pilgrimage over Fall Break (October 12 – October 15) to sites significant to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Participants will draw connections between activism from historical Civil & Human Rights Movement and contemporary social movements. This year through visits to Virginia and Washington, D.C.  we will focus our intents on American History and the Civil Rights Movement.

To apply for the pilgrimage go to: 

The application will close on September 18th and participants will be notified on September 25th of their status. For more information, contact 336-334-5090 or


If you are a Civil Rights Alumni and have attended any pilgrimage in the past, then we need you! We are currently seeking students to serve as trip leaders for the 2019 trip. If you are interested in being a leader, please fill out the following application.

CRP Trip Leader Interest Form:

The Trip Leader interest form will close on Monday, September 16th and leaders will be notified by September 23rd of their status.